Hair Extensions & Weaves


At Urban Rose we feature various hair extension methods, this practice could be qualified as our specialty. Our various methods are named as followed Malaysian hair extension method, Brazilian hair extension method, Alicia hair Extension method and the classic sew-in. Now you may ask yourself what do all these names mean, well it is our duty as educators to inform you about them.

The Malaysian hair extension method, is a method in which a microlink bead is used in order to attach a weft (track) of hair onto the client’s head.

The brazilian method as show-cased below, is a method in which a stretchy elastic thread is wrapped around some of the client’s hair and some of the track’s hair allowing it to stay attached onto the individual’s scalp.

The Alicia method is very similar to the Brazilian method in relation to the attachement of the hair. However the Brazilian method uses a track of hair, this method on the other hand uses a bundle of hair.

The Classic Sew-in is simply the attachement of hair on a weft (track) with the help of a thread and needle onto a beehived braided head. Our sew-in’s are very natural.

We recommend  to all our prospect clients to come into our salon to get a consultation in order to determine which method will be best for your type of hair. Please feel free to call us at 201 451 5004 to determine when will be the best time to do so.