Our Salon

Located in the heart of  Journal Square in Jersey City, NJ, 15 minutes away from downtown New York City, Urban Rose is a hair salon which specializes in Natural Hair Care, Hair Extensions techniques, Color Correction, Keratin Treatment, Complex Cuts,  and any hair conundrums.

When a client walks into our salon they can expect to have their desires fulfilled prior to exiting our doors. We offer a comfortable and unique environment in which we treat our clientele as family. Our stylists are the savoir faire behind our name, they constitute the spirit of our salon, their skills and characters will ignite in you a desire to come back. We try our best to deliver the best work and environment, it is our pleasure to invite into our salon, please join us from Tuesday to Saturday, and give us a call at 201.451.5004 to place an appointment.

*We work with appointments please make sure to place yours in advance.