Our Staff

 The Urban Rose Staff

The Urban Rose team is a mosaic of cultures and personalities  team has a very distinctive personality which when put to together makes the great team that we are.
Our nationalities and origins will take you on a world tour, when attending our salon you will be faced with multiple languages, but do not be afraid our main language is English. We will try to make you feel as welcomed as possible by offering you coffee, tea, water and a welcoming environment.

Alicia Goodwin


Alicia Goodwin, or as everyone refers to her as Cookie is an Entrepreneur, platform artist, instructor and founder of Urban Rose Boutique and salon .

She has been in the hair industry for over 3 decades, and has seen trends come and go. She has managed to extend her brand across regions owning beauty businesses, both in America and the Dominican Republic while keeping the same faithful clients.

Truth to be told her experience and knowledge have allowed her to craft solutions to address many hair care conundrum.



Patricia Bissouta


Patricia is Urban Rose’s manager, and lead stylist, she is Cookie’s right hand and has been with the Urban Rose team since the beginning.
She started her journey in the hair industry across the Atlantic Ocean in France with Divador Sarl.
Patricia has become an expert in all hair weaving and braiding techniques. Patricia also lends her personal taste and style as  our top purchaser agent for the boutique department





Dwayne Paramore


Dwayne is one of our great stylist, he started his journey with Cookie years ago as a “shampoo boy”, with assurance, skills and determination he built himself up and became one of the best stylist in town. If you are looking for perfection when it comes to your hair, Dwayne will be your perfect match.








Navi Rozi
Navi, is our executive assistant client coordinator and the VOICE of the salon, he is the first person you will speak to when you call our number.

Navi’s social skills allow him to make new clients feel like “old friends”, his experience in customer service makes a wide difference in our service.  His organizational skills allows him to take care of the administrative part of the salon. Navi’s creativity also allows him to be the master mind behind  our blog. Last but not least, he also happen to have the gift to make the best coffee in town, so please feel free to ask him for a cup when you come in.



Rocia Kanza

Rocia is our youngest stylist, her young age allows her to grasp anything very quickly giving her the ability to surf on various waves. Rocia’s roles at Urban Rose are so diverse that they cannot all be listed. She wears multiple hats and strives at doing so.

Her inquisitive personality allows her to gain knowledge on multiple topics, such as technology. She is the mind behind our online presence.